There are certain words that just grab the attention of people, words like dazzling, bibliobibuli, footle, and so on. They might be words that don’t really have any significance but they just stand out to people. One word that I find particularly pleasing and is possibly my favorite word is bamboozled. No one really knows where the word originated, but it was considered almost a slang term in 17th century British language.

When I first saw this word I did not have a single clue as to what it meant, however, upon further investigation I found out it’s just a fancy word for trickery. The word is fun to say, and easily rolls out of my mouth. Bamboozled stands out to me because it is not something I see often and I find it oddly satisfying to look at.

The word bamboozled does not have a large significance to me other than it reminds me of times that I have tricked my friends or family. Now I’m not generally one to try to trick people often, so I wouldn’t use bamboozled as a word to describe myself. Nevertheless, sometimes it is fun to try to pull a prank.

One prank that comes to mind was this time I got these nasty jelly beans with weird flavors called BeanBoozled, and offered them to a friend of mine. The reaction she gave was priceless, and made being a bamboozler totally worth it. In doing so this created a memory to word association that forever be with me, seeing as how BeanBoozled is a play on words for bamboozled.

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