My brother loves crossword puzzles, and last year he called me over to do one with him. Its clue said “well mind”, “beautiful thinking” or “goodwill”. Immediately, I was attracted to its definition, and was curious to discover the word that went with it. Since we didn’t know what to put down, we flipped to the answers and laid eyes on letters spelling out “Eunoia.” The word was just as lovely as its definition. I love the meaning of this word.I think that having kind thoughts and a healthy way of thinking is what makes someone beautiful, and I like that there is a word that captures that. It is special that this word addresses someone’s inner beauty and brings up something that most of us don’t think about as often. I also find happiness in the goodwill part of the word. I believe that service to those around you and spreading joy is an extremely important value. Sometimes it is easy to look at someone and judge them based on the way they look, although it is their mind that makes them truly amazing. This word holds a lot of power because it articulates a concept that is of much importance to me. Another thing I enjoy about this word are the smooth sounds of it when it is spoken (U- noy- a). It is pleasing and calming to say and hear, and brings a sense me a sense of peace. Almost all the letters in this word are vowels, which I think is interesting because many words have more consonants. I like words that are a bit puzzling to figure out how to say it, which this word it. The mystery and learning it holds is very valuable. One has to seek information to unlock its full potential and to be impacted by its sounds. This beautiful word touches me because of all these aspects, and is one I will always hold dearly.


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