First, it is important to address the possible causes of insomnia. These range from medical to psychiatric conditions. Common medical causes include physical pain and or sleep disorders. Some psychiatric conditions include depression and anxiety (

There is no cure for insomnia. However, identifying the underlying cause allows the insomniac to learn how to treat it. Keeping a sleep diary is frequently used to help recognize insomnia-inducing conditions and habits. An important step in overcoming insomnia is establishing new sleep habits and a better bedtime routine.

Often times, a person experiences difficulty sleeping simply because their brain is classically conditioned to stay up late. Therefore, it is important to establish a healthy sleeping schedule, and stick to it. Naps, caffeine, and artificial light are all factors that throw off sleep patterns (


  1. Wentao 4 years ago

    Thank you for point out this question. Insomnia is really a question for everybody in different time during our lives. You also mentioned physical pain and or sleep disorders may coursed insomnia. And also thank you for the advises you given for overcoming insomnia.

  2. Anna 4 years ago

    I think this was a very relevant topic to discuss, especially for our age group in light of the fact that most of us stay up late. This post was written really well, and I wonder if alternative techniques are better at treating insomnia than sleeping pills.

  3. Benji 4 years ago

    Dear, Sarah
    When you wrote “An important step in overcoming insomnia is establishing new sleep habits and a better bedtime routine.” I was curious, is there a certain age or point in a person’s life where they are more than likely to suffer from insomnia?

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