Enthusiastic, driven, and irrationally obsessed with the effects of light and color is the best and clearest representation of who Claude Monet was. The website http://www.claudemonetgallery.org/biography.html gives a lengthy description of Monet’s life and how he came to be the great impressionist he is so well known for. Something that really intrigues me, though, is what Monet would think of me as an artist and a person if he were alive today.

In this online biography, I learned what Monet was like personally. After researching about him, I have come to see that I can relate to him on many aspects. The most obvious is how he was an artist and I too have a great joy in creating art, painting amongst many others. The unstoppable impressionist, Monet, had a great joy in drawing what he saw in the purest of forms. Like me, I crave colors that exemplify my joy and angst; “Color is my daylong obsession, joy, and torment,” and I understand Monet’s words about how something so beloved can be something that also torments you and brings pain and wretchedness.

Not only do I connect with his feelings on color, but in the simple things he too enjoyed, like the way light will catch an object or how the folds in drapery leave an array of diverse color and shapes. Frequently, Monet would gather with his artist friends, importantly Pierre-Auguste Renoir, who is another inspiration of mine, and they would discuss the fine things in life: light, color, drapery, and truth.

If Monet was living today, and we met and he learned all about me, I am convinced that we would get along very well. In spite of a wide gap in talent, I think that he would appreciate my simple and passionate love for art and anything of the sort. As an artist, he would most likely not relate to my art as much but I think he could very well appreciate it because my pieces of art, in spite of the use of many dark colors and twisted concepts, shows passion and drive. And like any honest and passionate artist, we both share the same undeniable obsession with beautiful things.

Photo by Nico Time

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