Posted by Markie on September 16, 2016

What would happen if we didn’t have sports?

Most of us are involved in some type of sport or activity that takes up most of our time. Well, if we didn’t have activities such as football or in my case cheer, what would happen?

Many argued that our exercise levels would decrease because sports are sometimes the main source of exercise for most of us. Not only would our health be affected but also our economy. In some cities in the United States a big factor of income comes from big sporting events that profit the city.

Some cities have pointed out that without the money that is produced from the local sports events, the would be in debt. Also, relating to America, America already has an obesity rating so imagine how big the problem would be if we didn’t have the biggest source that most people exercise.

Overall, not having sports in our life would result in a very negative outcome for our society. We are constantly obsessing over our favorite sports teams & putting most of our time into playing our favorite sport.