I think social media and the Internet has impacted our society in many ways good and bad. People have more accessibility to information and ideas. Social media gives people a platform to communicate faster and express themselves to many people in their community, state, nation, and even around the world.

Other positives of the internet are: businesses can better interact with their customers and know what the people want, young people get more involved in social issues and politics, and nonprofits can spread their messages and get more donations. These and many more contributions of the internet have made people’s lives easier.

Of course the Internet does however have its flaws. Cyberbullying, scamming, laziness, and lack of face to face communication have been introduced at a new level in our society. On social media cyberbullying has been an issue for young people. Internet scams and hacking have affected many people negatively.

With the Internet being a hub of information, it is easy for people to look up anything. This has made people not as studious and lazy. With cell phones being such a portable device that can meet all of one’s internet and social media needs, communication face to face is not as common.

I would say texting is the main form of communication for most people. In public, if you don’t want to talk to people you can just hide behind your phone instead of being forced to talk to people. I find that these are the most prevalent problems with the internet that people complain about. The internet and social media is not all good or all bad, but both the positives and negatives have an influence on our society.

Social Media and Society: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly


  1. Anna 4 years ago

    I definitely agree with this. I think that because it has been such a large part of our generations social life, it would be very hard and meet with much resistance if we tried to get rid of or limit our use of technology. But I also think that is such a powerful thing, that when used right can help a lot of people do amazing things from anywhere. Super well done!

  2. Jasmin 4 years ago

    Dear Suzanna,

    I agree with your statement that social media can have positive influences and negative ones also. From my perspective, social media is slowly taking over people’s lives since not very much people are spending time with their loved ones. Social media also has a good side. For example, it’s easier to interact with people and make new friends and you can talk to family that probably lives far away. Social media isn’t the only thing distracting people from the real world; games are also an impact on people’s social skills in real life. Thank you for your project. I look forward to seeing what you write next.

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