I Believe this article because it highlights historic moments of sexism in the world. It explains how sexism is still a thing that is relevant in the world.

One sentence from this article that stands out for me is: The use of generic masculine terms to reference a group of mixed gender, such as “mankind”, “man” (referring to humanity), “guys”, or “officers and men” I think this is not right because we always refer to people as man as if Man was the only gender.

I’m pretty sure this is accurate, because based on the website everydaysexism.com there are stories everyday uploaded about people telling their stories of sexism they experience in their everyday life.

Another sentence that I agree was: “male nurse” implying that simply a “nurse” is by default assumed to be female.” This stood out for me because we as a society today are programed to think that nurses are usually female and it’s a feminine job to do. Why do we have to call person who is male a “Male Nurse” why not just say a nurse, it’s the same thing.

I double-checked this fact through an article at rncentral.com which makes me feel pretty sure that it is true.

What I learned from this article is that sexism was such a harsh thing back then and feel like today its not that harsh but is well alive to where women in the workforce are paid less and in the media today. The media like tv is where sexism is really well alive because movies and tv shows usually exploit women and use them as sexual objects.

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  1. Valeria 2 years ago

    Dear Jorge:
    I am enraged by, your post “Checking Claims In A Wikipedia Article About Sexism,” because this is something that happens everyday and that is very much alive, and it isn’t talked as much as it should be. It something that happens to man and women everyday, especially to women. Women have always been been seen as less than men, but mostly in media.

  2. Suzanna 2 years ago

    I agree, I think that sexism is not recognized as a big issue in our society. This may be contributed to the fact that our society has always portrayed women a certain way. Traditional gender roles have made women inferior to men, and we have always been taught to use masculine terminology to describe groups of men and women. Do you think that sexism is being improved, getting worse, or staying constant in our society?

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