Many people are opposed to expanding funding for space travel research because there are so many problems on earth on which we should be focusing. One of the main benefits of expanding NASA’s research is that technologies from NASA can also help here on earth, especially in the medical field, transportation, public safety, and environmental protection ( Because NASA brings together some of the smartest people in our country, the devices they invent for space can be quite revolutionary and help everyone on Earth. Additionally, it can help stimulate the economy. Space research helps us understand our own world, which can in turn help us protect it. For example, planets such as Venus and Mars have shown us that climates of planets can change, and they have allowed us to understand how special our planet, and our ability to live here, is. Space research gives us a greater perspective on the scale and diversity of our universe, a humbling experience. It is in our human nature to want to explore, and as said in Star Trek, space is the final frontier. In the past, exploration has pushed humanity to reach new limits. Research in space can also help us answer the huge questions of how did life begin? How did the universe begin? Are we alone in the universe, or are there other life forms? Many people also oppose research in space because the answers it may produce may clash with religion. Another main benefit of space research and travel is that we may be able to find a solution for long-term survival. A disaster on earth that significantly hinders humanity is nearly inevitable, and we may need to find a new place to live (MartianChronicles). This is why many people are interested in colonizing Mars, so that if there is a disaster on earth humanity may live on. Space research can help us achieve this.

Nine Good Reasons for Space Exploration

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  1. Fredrick 1 year ago

    Hey Erin,
    I agree that Space Explorations should founded because it would benefit us in many ways. Your said “Space research helps us understand our own world, which can in turn help us protect it”. I fully support this because with the technology that would be used to explore space it would also in turn help us find out more about our planet. NASA brings the smartest people together and with them it is possible to search deeper into space, find out about how the world began, find new life, and find out if there’s any planets like earth that can support human life. The one question that I have is that, so even though space exploration is founded. How long would it take to get back results of the money put into this program. Many have given their money towards space exploration but what does that money go to and what kind of research is done to help them improve their capabilities in searching out in space.

  2. Shelby 2 years ago

    I am in full support of expanding our space research program due to the many benefits that it provides to the human race. In order to better our chances of surviving it’s crucial that we take all measures to preserve our health, such as researching the impossible or prying for new information. Although this expansion may offend religious believers, I think it’s important that we put aside our beliefs and focus on the facts in front of us.

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