With Election Day quickly approaching, many Americans are worried what our country will become under either candidate. Probably the most controversial person in the election is Mr. Donald Trump, and many Americans have some pretty strong opinions about him. But what does the rest of the world think of him?

According to alternet.org the global reaction to Trump has been an overwhelming sense of disgust, as he’s offended almost everyone. Mexicans have a special right to resent Trump as he’s pushed blackmailing Mexico into paying for a border fence and has called undocumented Latinos “rapists” who are “bringing drugs and crime.”

In France, The Liberation Newspaper wrote a recent cover story, “Trump: The American Nightmare.” Text that ran alongside his pink grimace declared him to be “vulgar and opportunistic.”

Trump has shared his distaste for China as well saying “we always lose to them” and that they constantly are “ripping us off.” The Chinese have responded by making comments about his hair and especially his wealth. A state newspaper said: “The theme of Trump’s speech for running for president: I really am very rich.”

This is to only name a few places, not to mention the countless other people he’s offended such as immigrants and Muslims from all over the world. No matter what your political view is it’s not hard to find something Trump has said that might even offend you.



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  1. Jackson 2 years ago

    I agree with Sam

  2. Chloe 2 years ago

    I agree with you, Danny, that Mr. Trump has offended most groups of people. However, one country that I know of that would like to see Mr. Trump elected is Nicaragua. They have resentment toward Hillary due to past events when she was Secretary of State. They want to see him in office because they believe he won’t pay them any attention, which is what they want from the US . (My source is a person who recently moved back from living there) Overall, well done!

  3. Samuel 2 years ago

    Dear Danny,
    Trump being our president would not be the end of the world, nor would it be for Hillary. They are both bad candidates and have their own problems that make the world wonder how they are in imprisoned. Though even when one of them becomes president, like in past presidential history, the power of the presidency would be taken away by the other branches of the government. In fact even now with a great president, he is limited on what he can do. This year a president would just be like a king and queen of Great Britain. They are just their for the media and really have no power.

  4. Jack 2 years ago

    I don’t think people realize what the president has power to do. Most people think that if Trump is elected president, it will lead to the end of the world. But what can really do as president? Most people do not understand that our government has three branches and that the president can be overruled by both Congress and the Supreme Court. I am not saying that I support Trump, but if he becomes president, he is not going to immediately change America at all without the support from Congress and the Supreme Court.

  5. Breanna 2 years ago

    Dear Danny, I am interested in your post, because one thing you said was , “..he has offended almost everyone”. I think this is true, because he has offended a lot of people and that’s why so many because dislike him and don’t want him as president. Your post reminded me that Donald Trump should not be president. He should not because of those reading you said in your post and much more. Thanks for your project. I love foward to seeing more of your posts. I’m looking forward to it because your post interested me and I enjoyed it. Hope your next post is a little something of what this post is.

  6. Martin 2 years ago

    Muslims don’t always bomb places…Donald Trump should realize this,He uses stereotypes to define Mexicans and Muslims to make us hate them,Mexicans don’t always bring drug and crimes,and definently they are not all rapists!This mainly affects my brother and I because we have a bit of Mexican heritage from our dad.I really wish that Donald Trump would realize that some stereotypes are wrong!

    • Elizabeth 2 years ago

      That true

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