Will I ever grow up? According to Happiness International, that’s up to me.

Maintaining a childlike sense of wonder is essential to continuously seeing value in the world. As people grow older, we lose that sense of wonder as we learn more about the world, and we seem to forget that although we know much more than we did when we were toddlers, we still only barely have a grasp on the wonders this world has to offer.

Adults get too involved in their own lives, in the problems they have to face, in being successful, in surviving, and we forget to stop and smell the flowers every once in awhile. The best way to become childlike is to let go a little of caution, and give in to curiosity.

I believe that if I am able to focus a little bit every day on the things around me that I’m curious about or interested in, I’ll be able to resist the system.



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  1. Jessica 2 years ago

    I agree that it is important to maintain a childlike sense of wonder. I definitely feel as if we spend so much time in our daily activities that we don’t take the time to enjoy. I loved when you said it is important to “let go of caution and give into curiosity”. This was very well written! Good job.

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