The religion a person subscribes to often dictates many of their core beliefs and also what they consider to be a moral decision. In a discussion on Psychology Today it talks about how morals are less put in through religion as one often believes, but they are also not in society. Morals are often something a person grows up knowing and is not able to pinpoint exactly where it came from. However, many people often assume that when a person claims to be an atheist, or even agnostic that must mean they do not have the same moral code.

From religion to religion there are different moral codes that are established and people often pick and choose what parts they believe and choose to follow. For example in the LDS faith there is a moral code called the Word of Wisdom. In this code there are many specifications that are not generally referred to as morals. The easiest example to see is the not drink hot drinks. In the average person, there is no objection for or against the morality of drinking coffee, but does this mean it is not related to the moral code of an LDS follower?

Morals mean something different to all of us. Religion is not the only thing that influences morals. An interesting point brought up is from the point of view of an Atheist. The biggest point is that morals are often related to living in society. Morals are often put in place so people are not “stepping on each other’s toes.”


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