Can Humans ever live on Mars?

There has been research and probes launched into the idea of inhabiting Mars. This universe today article shows both sides of the argument the pro-Mars argument says that we need Mars so we can continue our exploration mind-set and to have a back-up planet in case earth gets ruined. The anti-Mars argument uses more logic and reason in wh humans will never live on Mars the main reasons were, Mars has no oxygen and no atmosphere. Another article is says the question with living on Mars is not can we, but rather it is when will we according  to the telegraph we are 20 years from the first colony arriving on Mars. The article also states that space exploration will continue in the private sector and NASA will not be the one leading Mars missions.


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  1. Seth 2 years ago

    According to this article, Elon Musk of SpaceX and Tesla hopes to send humans to Mars by 2024. We may not have to wait too long before the colonization of Mars begins.

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