As college grows near for us high school seniors, the responsibilities continue to grow too, whether it’s with applications, homework, sports, family or friends, there are many things that we must balance to live a healthy life while also getting the most out of it. But in this chaotic period, how would a 17 or 18 year old go about doing this?

A key tactic in this situation is time management; a student must create goals and deadlines, plan their schedules, and yes, avoid perfectionism in some cases (paragraph 7, JH). In an effort to save as much time as possible while also getting everything done that you need to get done, there should be plenty of time for the social aspect of life.

Stress can also play a significant factor, even though it can serve as a motivator, stress overload can lead to sadness or depression, which is never good (paragraph 8). Ways to avoid this is to live a healthy lifestyle and will improve both your physical and emotional well being which will lead to success in this very difficult year (paragraph 12).

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  1. Lily 2 years ago

    Ryan friend,
    I like what you are saying. Our lives are indeed very chaotic. I would like to know that, how do you propose balancing all of the factors you brought up? You talked about the importance of them, which I agree with, but how do we fix them?

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