A good family friend of mine suffers from daily seizures.  She has seen countless doctors, tried countless medications, and nothing has worked.  Her doctor has suggested that medical marijuana could help lessen, or even nearly eliminate, her seizures.  However, since she lives in Utah, it is illegal to use medical marijuana.  She and her family have been seriously considering packing up everything and moving to Colorado to get her the help she needs.  When will medical marijuana be legal throughout the US so people like my friend won’t have to move to get treatment?

The legalization of medical marijuana has been heavily debated for years.  Many people are for legalization, because they believe that it can help them with their medical problems.  However, many are also against legalization, for many reasons.  One is that cannabis sale would have to be closely regulated.  If used as a medicine, a new rapid-delivery system would need to be created as an alternative to smoking, one official said.  Many argue over whether or not marijuana should be used to treat children. Even though legalization of marijuana in California and Colorado have led to less recreational use of the drug by children in those states, many believe that legalization can still have detrimental side effects.  The legalization of the drug would lead to less people being thrown in jail for possession, and marijuana sales are taxable.  

Overall, I think the arguments against the legalization of medical marijuana don’t hold water.  There are many more pros than cons in using cannabis to treat various medical issues.  I hope, and do believe, that nation-wide legalization is in the foreseeable future.




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  1. KeJahn 2 years ago

    Dear Joey

    I love this article” legalize mary jane” because the article is showing a very good cause to make marijuana legal. It explained how it can help young kids to stop having seizures.

    One sentence that you wrote that suprised me was “Her doctor has suggested that medical marijuana could help lessen, or even nearly eliminate, her seizures.” I think this is great. I say this because this could help save people and marijuana isnt something that kills people. Having seizures can cause more problems to peoples mentals than marijauna because thats something people dont want to happen in they’re lives.

    Another sentence that I liked was “Many people are for legalization, because they believe that it can help them with their medical problems.” This stood out to me because I actually feel that marijauna isnt bad for people how they make it out to be.
    Your letter reminds me of my grandmother and how mariijuana could help her with her illness. I feel like if marijauna can heal people then its something that isnt really that bad for you. This letter also reminds me of a similar letter that i had to write for my class about things we should legalize in the 10th grade and marijuana came up in the discussion.

    Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because this letter can actually make a change to help people in need. This also could stop bigger things such as people going to jail for getting caught with it and can stop a lot of problems in our country.

  2. Giselle 2 years ago

    Similar to treating seizures marijuana is also used as an alternative to chemotherapy. You should watch the documentary stoned kids to learn more about it

  3. Samuel 2 years ago

    I love this and you, great job buddy. Legalizing mary jane is not for the high but for the need of those with health concerns. People need to realize this and you put it into good perspective.

  4. Zach 2 years ago

    Joey, I also wholeheartedly hope that legalization of marijuana will be in our foreseeable future. Not only will cannabis help those struggling with health issues, but will also allow our economy to thrive, and this would create more jobs and tax incomes.

  5. Lily 2 years ago

    I agree with what you’re saying. Medical marijuana also doesn’t give people the high, they take out that part of the drug. Knowing that, it seems silly not to legalize. The benefits outweigh the harms in almost all cases. I like that you presented both sides of the argument, and then stated where you stand.

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