We all know that the president plays a huge part of the US economy and US citizens lives in general. If Donald Trump were to become president of the United States this is a question we would have to ask ourselves. In an article addressing this, author Emily Stewart depicts that Trump has no need or want to work, fix or help the economy. He hopes it is a problem that is dealt with before he becomes president. This, completely worrying to any person residing in the US, might just be an act according to Stewart, put on by Trump to increase knowledge of him and hopefully popularity. However, act or no act, Yahoo News brings up some scary points that are all possible based on what Trump has told the world. Such things include a wall around America, the freedom of abortions and gay marriage outlawed, along with freedom of the press, a goodbye to the department of education and the Environmental Protection Agency, and many more. Overall, yahoo says, “the world will hate us.” With these all being tangible looming problems we need to think about what president we want to have and what we will do if Trump is elected as president.

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  1. Maddie 3 years ago

    I think that you make a great point in that I don’t think people know who they are truly voting for in a person like Trump. I think many of the things Trump says aren’t taken seriously- but this is a major problem in someone who wants to be a world leader. I read an article that said Trump is feeding off the fear of people. This is one of the most dangerous things, as we have seen throughout history.

  2. Savannah 3 years ago

    nice job friend. very proud. you can check his twitter for more disturbing comments 😉

  3. Alea 3 years ago

    This is definitely a hot topic with the election coming up. I very much agree with you though- we need a president who can increase good relations with other countries, AS WELL as deal with problems in our own country. I would love to hear more about his competition (Hillary Clinton) and how she compares. I feel as though this election is about the lesser of two evils, in a way.

  4. Erin 3 years ago

    Hi Carol,
    I think that if Trump is elected, it is very possible that we will be headed for pure chaos and a decline of our nation as a whole. I saw a very interesting video recently in which someone interviewed four members who are in support of Trump. All of them disagreed with 4 of his major plans for his presidency, such as the wall, a ban on all Muslims entering the US, and several others. While I was dumbfounded as to how they could support a man yet disagree with all of his proposed policies and don’t believe they are feasible, it does give me some hope that the Republican congress will not polarize too far in Trump’s direction. But then again, group polarization is common, and they may make his crazy policies happen.

  5. Yuliana 3 years ago

    Dear Caroline,
    I am interested in your post because many Americans do not realize what can happen if Donald Trump is elected for president. He is wanting to change many things that should stay how they are. If he is elected as president there may be an outbreak. One thing you said that stands out to me is “Such things include a wall around America, the freedom of abortions and gay marriage outlawed, along with freedom of the press, a goodbye to the department of education and the Environmental Protection Agency, and many more.” I think this is sad because many immigrants come in search of a better lives, but building the wall around America would separate many families. As many people say “This is a free country” people should have the freedom to do what they desire.Your post reminds me of immigrants that bring their children to pursue a better life for them. People who are voting should really take into consideration what can happen is Donald Trump is elected as president. Thanks for your project. I look forward to seeing what you write next because this was a really interesting post. I liked the way you expressed your thoughts.

  6. Ellisandra 3 years ago

    This paper really talks about a topic a lot of Americans need to be thinking about, especially those who are voting this year. I mean I think Trump just doesn’t really care about anything. The New York Times wrote about the advantages of and disadvantages of Hillart Clinton and Donald Trump. I honestly think Hilary is a smarter choice when it comes to the economy. Thoughts?

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