Posted by Adrian on September 15, 2016

Does Religion Influences Politics?

    Religion seems to be a big part of people’s religious lives. According to the Huffington Post, 65% of actually claim that religion is a big part of their lives which is significantly larger than than other countries around the world. This may actually be for various reasons. One is that Americans may “exaggerate their own religiosity” while also how they claim to attend church twice as much then they actually do. Pew Research says now that religion is having less of an influence and that may be due to new generations and the modern mind. There is a new age of political views and the American mindset.

    Today, 34% of white evangelical Republicans actually even say that the GOP has done a poor job at enforcing and representing their views on various topics. Also, only 7% of them believe they are too conservative on abortion. For the most part then Americans think that influence of religion is decreasing in Americans’ lives. We can see through some statistics actually that religion affects law making due to the fact that religion affects moral view on various subjects across the board. This generation tends to be leaning more liberal in many aspects and may affect how laws and decisions are made in the future. Maybe in the coming years, religion will not be as imminent in politics as it was before.