Question: What goes on in the brain of someone with CTE?

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy is a “progressive degenerative disease”(Boston University's CTE Center) found in the brains of people who have received repetitive brain trauma. Athletes such as football player and soccer players have suffered from this. The brain trauma triggers brain degeneration of brain tissue, and the build up of the protein tau. Changes in the brain due to these abnormal conditions can start to affect you months, years or even decades after the last injury. 

The author of the website, says that the symptoms of CTE can include memory loss, confusion, personality changes such as depression and suicidal thoughts, problems with motor functions like balance, erratic behavior or aggression, and problems organizing thoughts. There is no definite way to diagnose CTE, unless the victim is dead and is given an autopsy, thin slicing the brain. With no way to diagnosis, there is no way to treat CTE. The only way to avoid it, is to avoid brain trauma.

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