One of the questions I often ask is “How can I start a business?” Business is something I have always been interested in and a extra money for school is always needed, so I wondered if setting my own business up was possible. I’m not imagining of starting a fortune five hundred business tomorrow, but I would like to begin a minor business that could help establish a resume or help me gain experience needed for the entrepreneurial world.

I am interested in starting my own business someday. First I think it would be fun to run my own operation here in high school. So first I decided to look at several online sources to begin a startup. “Forbes” recommends for students that we use startup, out of the dorm, businesses to maximize our capital, and minimize the effort or cost to launch. Many are not new industrious cutting edge ideas, for the most part marketing ourselves as tutors or note takers are effective ways to bring in funds. Elsewise DIY (Do It Yourself), or online stores are the best way to begin a product based business without need of marketing or retail space. One idea I found that may be a little bit of a niche market, but would allow me to make money doing something I love such was “Make and sell audio or e-book versions of out-of-copyright set texts, particularly if they’re hard to find (think medieval literature or 18th-century science tomes)”. That proposal came from a list of fifty business ideas designed for students, written by “savethestudent”.

The more I dug into this assignment, the more I discovered the possibilities of being able to grow my own grass roots business, that can be run mainly from the comfort from my room. Many of these ideas are a coin flip of whether they could ever produce a profit but I believe it will be a good entrance into the world of business and over time I will gain the experience necessary to run my own successful business as an adult.


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  1. Jackson 3 years ago

    This was really informative, it also took a realistic look at the types of businesses students could start. I think the idea of making new e books would be a great way to gain quick capital.

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