Why do flamingos stand on one leg?
Flamingos are known to stand on one leg for hours at a time, even on windy days. Scientists are unable to come to a consensus on why this occurs, but multiple studies have been done. In 2009 an experimental psychologist named Matthew J. Anderson observed flamingos to try and determine why they stand on one leg. According to Anderson, “flamingos pull one leg up close to their body to conserve heat that might otherwise be lost while standing in cold water—not just in the Andes, but in the tropics, too, where even a slight drop in water temperature could mean big losses, due to the length of a flamingo leg” (smithsonian.com). Another theory suggests, “Since a flamingo’s legs are so long, it takes a lot of energy to pump blood through both legs, causing strain on the heart. Pulling up one leg to rest allows the heart to more easily pump blood through the body” (animals.howstuffworks.com)


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  1. Savannah 3 years ago

    proud of this talented writing. love flamingos

  2. Heidi 3 years ago

    very informative. thank you for sharing.

  3. Anna 3 years ago

    Flamingos are silly creatures

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