How do I stop my chronic procrastination?

To stop procrastinating, it is important to remember to remind myself that there is always more to be done. It will also help to make a to-do list of the tasks I’m avoiding, and breaking down those tasks to lessen the load. By making bargains or consequences with myself and avoiding temptation, I can envision the relief of completing the task at hand. Lastly, by adding aid and pressure to the situation, or in other words, by asking for help from another person and making my intentions public, I will be more likely to complete the task at hand soonerPhoto by AhmadHammoud

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  1. Jackson 2 years ago

    Interesting topic about procrastination. This is great because high schoolers generally procaste a project or paper till the last minute.

  2. Fernando 2 years ago

    Dear Zach,

    I am intrigued by your post because I also regularly fall victim to procrastination. I’ve been trying methods to stop the habit and get down to responsibility, but I can never stick with anything. The points and tips you made seem helpful and hopefully I can put it to use.

  3. Giselle 2 years ago

    You should consider what habits you have that make you procrastinate and try to reverse them with the tools explained in Habit by Charles Duhigg

  4. Jack 2 years ago

    Great writing Zach. I struggle with procrastination a lot, and what I have found to help me the most is to actually make a visual representation of the things I have to get done, and want to get done.

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