Posted by Jackson on September 14, 2016

The Unknown Parts of our World

The biggest thing I learned about unmapped parts of the world is not necessarily that their isolated wilderness areas but that their the poorest areas in developing cities. The article I read discussed the Favelas next to Rio De Janeiro, These areas are right next to a highly developed international city but mapping the area isn’t a high priority of the struggling people. This being said there are also very desolate and isolated areas of the world that still remain largely inaccessible to humans. Some examples of these are Greenland’s Ice Sheets, parts of the Amazon Rainforest, and Antarctica. Another cause of an are being unexplored is the danger of other humans who are hiding their or permanently live there; the two primary examples of this are Columbia’s Northern Mountains and Bhutan Gangkhar mountain range. The isolation of Columbia’s Northern Mountains are due to the rebel groups who often seek refuge in the mountains waiting for a better time to attack. Bhutan’s Mountain range is one of the biggest mystery on the list. Since 1994 exploring has been banned due to continued attacks on explorers from indigenous people who believe the area is a spiritual sanctuary. Finally there are parts of the world such as Nambia and Siberia which have such small populations exploring them is nearly impossible. This goes to show even in this day and age their are still many parts of the world that have yet to be properly mapped.