Clariesha Whittemore

June 21, 2016       


Dear Future President,


    My name is Clariesha Whittemore and i am a high school graduate of 2016 from Chico California. There are many problems within the government’s system that me and each American hopes you will work hard to change to make America great again.Abortion is one of the major problems in America and I am asking you rethink the law on abortion.Abortion is the decision whether a child (still in the womb) should live or die. Who gave us the power to make such a decision? I believe from the moment there is a foreign being in your womb it is still a life inside of you. There are so many options to help prevent pregnancy before the egg is even fertilized such as birth control and emergency contraception there is no excuse to have to terminate a living beings life because the potential mother forgot to take the pill, or waited to long to get emergency contraception, which is free at clinics the government has provided such as planned parenthood, which also give youth as young as 14 the option to have a parent there or not.There is no excuse. I do believe it may be appropriate if the woman has been raped or the child is a product of incest but other than that it is not ok. There is also foster homes for children whose parents can no longer care for them or just don’t care about them. There are to many options for women in that situation for them to consider death as an option.My mothers friend had six abortions in her life which shows that some women start to use abortion (the most inhumane “solution”) as a type of birth control.Over 57 million unborn children have been killed since 1973 when abortion was legalized, thats more then the entire population of Spain. In the United States a child can be aborted up to there second trimester (24 weeks) into pregnancy which is 6 months. At 24 weeks in the womb the fetus has lungs taste buds and is about the size of an ear of corn, the face is almost completely formed, the baby can also hear…etc it is  completely obvious it is a living being. Being able to kill a person at this stage of life is cruelty.The methods of abortion to a living fetus are appalling. Some methods include vacuuming, poisoning, dismembering,and crushing of the skull…etc Not all of these methods are completely effective.If the living fetus still does not pass away after the method of abortion they are left in a room until they do. We are torturing living beings due to careless actions of others. According to the constitution every human has rights and no one has the right to choose whether we live or die no matter how young or old. Making abortion legal to only those who are victims of incest or rape will force people to be less careless with their actions and decisions and to use the resources in which the government has provided which i have stated above. Thank you Mr.President for your time.


                                                                                         Sincerely, Clariesha Whittemore








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