He was shot

At a gas station

Jacksonville, Florida.

November 23, 2012


Michael David Dunn

took his hopes and dreams away

He took his life away.


Jordan Davis was 17 years old


Dunn was furious red  

because their music shook his car

with no worries


Jordan was with his friends

when he found his death.


Shot when they went to buy

some stupid cigarettes and gum.


The bass pumping to Lil Reese

before Dunn shot 10 rounds

into the SUV.


Where’s the justice?

Michael David Dunn tried twice

Finally faces up to 75 years

in prison for shooting


But never found guilty

of murdering

Jordan Davis.


CC BY-SA 4.0 Jordan Davis: Killed for loud music by Jeremy is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

  1. Pablo 3 years ago

    Dear Jeremy,
    I find it very difficult to comprehend the situation. The way the story follows just feels unreal. One Boy, barely making his transition into adulthood, was shot and killed FOR LISTENING TO MUSIC TOO LOUD!!! Jordan Davis had his whole life ahead of him, and it was all snatched from him in one fell swoop, from a man who in the end wasn’t even convicted of murder. I had always assumed our society was cruel, but I never suspected that the racism issue was this severe. This was a true eye opener, and I thank you for sharing this tale of sorrow with the world.

  2. Rebecca 3 years ago

    I now right people are suppost to be free not to be killed for something that they like

  3. Arwen 3 years ago

    i feel sorry for his family.

  4. Martin 3 years ago

    I do too…It is really sad that he was shot for doing something he liked to do

  5. Rebecca 3 years ago

    I fell so bad,not just for him but also for his family

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