OUR color is composed of shame and a drive to surpass.

We are Black.

For there all of the painful slurs that they’ve branded us with.

Will not define us.

Skin color as beautiful and strong as yours and mine will not be used to plant us in a ground of mediocrity.

It’s become so easy for my generation to believe that they have no potential.

That the scars we carry will end up in either blood, or slums.

Why do we let these laws define us.

Why has it become so important to fake that were strong.

Don’t you see.

It’s harder for you to get up and come to school in the morning.

It’s harder for you and I to afford higher education.

It’s harder for you and I to make any mistakes.

It’s easier for you and I to die.

Don’t you get it.

It is not your color that defines you.

Your pain is understood.

Look around, these people around you, they feel pain too.

Just like you there here too.

It’s not any easier for the kids who you think seem to be way cooler, or act way smarter, or try to bury their pain in laughter.

It’s not easy for me, it’s not easy for you.

We are all branded.

They expect all of us to fail.

So don’t.

In our history when have we ever been known to give people the pleasure of being right.

Your color doesn’t define you.

What you want does. Don’t let what you want trick you into being just another stereotype.


Photo by NASA Goddard Photo and Video


CC BY-SA 4.0 Meanwhile by Beverly is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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