You can’t help but see something that isn’t so pretty

Standing in a one way reflection;

You can’t help but see yourself

As a disgusting object he made you become


Don’t try to make it your fault

For his sticky selfish hands touching

Questioning parts of your anatomy that you beg to be covered


Instead of holding you in his arms

When you were alone with him

His only intention was to find beauty behind the curtains.


While you tried to keep those closed

For only you and the one who deserves it

It was insane how you were so wrapped into his world.

You lost the beauty you had when you was fully covered.


The sparkle in your eye;

The true smile on your face

Dropped to the ground

With every piece of clothing.


You didn’t say no

Because, once upon a time, he was the only one listening

To your sad beating drums

As you once swayed to the music

You only heard in your head

As it slowly stopped


Now the intense throbbing of your heart

Takes over the screams you keep inside.


When you finally let go of his tight grip

Letting the blood rush to your cold untouched bits

Slowly falling into a pit of nothing

But worries and sadness


Then, when you least expect it,

Another light outshines through the pity in your eyes


See, this one holds you

Like you’re not an object

But a human being that deserves to be touched

In a way that leaves your body shining

with joy and wonders.

Him talking to you in a slurred tone

Makes your ears sing with enjoyment

Makes your lips curl a shape that only love does

The words he whispers

perfectly matching to the music that only plays in your head.


Let him dance by your side,

He’s not looking down

Just straight into your big sappy eyes

That once told a story of innocence.


But he’s not looking for that story

He’s passionately presses his warm lips upon yours

To heal the broken pieces

So you both can sway to the rhythm of happiness


He picks you up

Holds you there

So people can admire the true beauty

Of a human being.




CC BY-SA 4.0 Human Being by Jocelyn is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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  1. Thyme 3 years ago

    This poem really speaks to me… because perhaps i can relate on a level most cant. I know the feeling of how it seems society only looks for certain things now and not the beautiful characteristics of being human.

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