Dear Frank:

I am interested in your post about “Why are teens using marijuana?” because I have seen your post and  I have seen that other people around the world have different opinions and some people have similarities in their opinions. My opinion is similar to your opinion.

One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “Weed causes lack of motivation and impaired memory.” I agree! As a teenager that uses marijuana, I have been noticing different motivation in my body. This is probably one effect marijuana causes when being used.

Another sentence you wrote on your post that stood out to me is: “Adults are looking down on teens who use marijuana because of the setting the teens are using them in.”  I actually disagree because if you think about it, marijuana is not all that bad. Marijuana does have some effect but marijuana couldn’t eat up your mind like cocaine does. I could be wrong, but I also think people have different opinions on different subjects.

Overall,  I generally agree with your post and your opinions. I like your post because you were very honest. My parents wouldn’t understand why I use marijuana as a teenager, not even if there were a time to sit and talk to my parents about why I use marijuana. My parents would just get mad because all they think about is the bad effects of using marijuana. I also agree that some teens smoke weed to release stress. It helps calm teenagers down.

Thank you for writing your post and and expressing your opinion. It really helped me realize that some people have similarities in opinions. I look forward to seeing what you write next because without your opinion there is no argument in this title. You said that this was your senior project, and I’m interested to know if you added more details about marijuana to help us learn more about the drug we teenagers use.  

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