Dear Mr. or Mrs. Future President,

My name is Curly and I want to start off by saying hello.  I know that you’re a really busy man/ woman so i’ll make this short and sweet.  The number of foster youth is increasing rapidly throughout the United States.  That means there’s more and more youth that will be needing assistance financially when they age out of the system because they don’t have family to go to.  I’m currently a foster youth that has been accepted to Chico State University.  The problem is that I was  denied the Chafee Grant for college.  If you don’t know what the Chafee Grant is, it’s a Grant that is only given to foster youth that applies for the Grant. The problem with the Chafee Grant is that only 6 foster youth get the Grant at every school.  I feel that every foster youth should be granted the Chafee Grant if they apply and if they are going to college. The Chafee Grant may or may not pay for the rest of the tuition but it’s money that foster youth doesn’t have but desperately need.  It’s very rare that a foster youth will get financial assistance from their foster parents and unfortunately for me I don’t have any support or assistance in my favor.  In my understanding of the Chafee Grant, incoming freshman do not receive the Chafee Grant and if they do it’s really rare. Therefore incoming freshmen that are foster youth will have to take out loans and stress on how they are going to pay for tuition, housing, books, and food.  I can reassure you that i’m a student with enough drive to get things done and i know that if i was granted the Chafee Grant then the money wouldn’t be spent on anything else but my education.  I’m sure there’s many more foster youth in my position that i’m in right now.  I know the best things in life aren’t free but i know a helping hand isn’t much to ask for.  I’d really appreciate it  if you can take your time and consider the expansion on the Chafee Grant to be granted to every foster youth.  Thank you for your time Mr. or Mrs. Future President.



CC BY-SA 4.0 yo president! i need to tell you sum sum… by nysa is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

  1. Ian 3 years ago

    That’s an awesome article and I hope you get some sort of help for you’re tuition good luck!

  2. Zoe 3 years ago

    Nice Article!

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