Pa Yang

EOP English 302

27 June, 2016


Dear Future President,

Today many homeless are holding signs begging on the street for food, money, looking for jobs, and many other things. I am convinced that we can find a better way to change their future. Such as donate, volunteer, helping them, and seeking out jobs opportunity for them. Homeless people does not deserve to be on the streets. They are just like us and are human beings! Most importantly, homeless people have background stories that we do not know about. Not just that but we don’t know what they are struggling through and what they are suffering from.

From my experience, I’ve worked at Little Caesars for almost two years and I have seen many homeless walking and standing outside asking for food and money. How this persuaded me is seeing many customers came in and instead of buying food for themselves, they rather give it to the homeless people. This is disturbing and very emotional that this world need more people like this to help the homeless people. Critics discussed that they should not help homeless people because they don’t know what the homeless will do with the money but proponent argues that as long as what we do things in our heart to support the homeless, it shouldn’t matter what they do with the money.

For instance, imagine if you were to be homeless, begging on the streets, sleeping outside with no home, and searching at the nearest garbage can because you are starving. At the end of the day you would wish that many people would have noticed you and help you out. Many people out there only judge homeless of what they are but not who they are. This is the reason why society does not understand homelessness but supporters believes that you as our president can change this world and can make it better for the homeless people.

Consequently, our ambition is to donate and support the homeless because we don’t know the reasons why they lost what they have and we should not judge them. Last but not least, homeless people have heart just like we do and we are not a big of a difference from them.


                      Pa Yang


CC BY-SA 4.0 Why we should help Homeless people by Paa Yangg is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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