Dear, mr president


There are many things to be changed but I think that giving the people that are immigrants the chance to become a citizen is wonderful. Giving them the opportunity to become a citizens will open up doors that they didn’t have when they were undocumented or back in their country. With that being said, I believe the first step into giving immigrants the opportunity to achieve the “American Dream” is by quickening the citizenship process. For example buying a house or getting a credit card they all require a social security number or a pursuit for higher education. All of this require them to become american citizens so that they can live that American Dream” we all come here for that to give our kids a future so they don’t have to go trough the things they did.

That’s why everyone leaves their home town for a better future to be able to make their dreams a reality.We all want to live that lifestyle we all desire so much. Like my parents their dream is to be able to go buy their first house or get a new car without having to drive so far to dealerships that sell cars to people that don’t have a social security number. Or just in general go to a dealership and just buy a car or buy a home they can’t because they aren’t a citizen and that’s money the government and the economy is missing out on and for people to invest in the community. So why make is so hard? For them we all deserve a chance.

Give the chance to those who deserve the chance so they can become successful as well. Live the “american dream”  there is 8.3 million undocumented immigrants living in the united states 73% of nation’s population. All of thoughts people suffer because they don’t have the chance to live the lifestyle that they want to live.Because they are not legal and i feel that everyone should have the right to become one because if you can’t be one then thats inequality an amendment being taken away from them because we are all humans.



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