Dear president,


Ever since I was little I noticed the struggle my parents were going through even when they thought I didn’t. I was a smart kid for my age so I would notice even the small things that the rest wouldn’t like all the fighting that would happen due to money problems. I would hear them at night arguing about not having enough to pay the rent because they just couldn’t find work. Nobody wanted to hire someone who could barely speak english but also someone who wasn’t legally allowed to work in this country. It took some time for things to start looking up but once everything started to pick up everything changed. We started managing our money better which sometimes meant that sometimes I wouldn’t even go out because I didn’t want to waste it on random things that I didn’t need. Time passed by quickly and the money problems were gone but so were my parents. They were never home because they worked all the time so basically I was raising myself and my brothers. I was the second oldest but I felt like I was the grown up in the house. I was the one always taking care of my siblings even of my older brother because our parents were always busy for us. I feel guilty that I blame my parents for the things that happened to me because they weren’t there but another is grateful that we didn’t hit rock bottom like some do.

My family hanged on so tight to the hope of getting out of poverty and we did but I saw some who just couldn’t. We see them all around our country, homeless people begging for money and some asking for a simple thing, a job. It breaks my heart to see someone on a side of a road or anywhere asking for money so they could at least eat. I can’t help but think how grateful we are that we can afford a home but some people aren’t. They just waste their money on useless things instead of helping out those in need. I would rather not go out on the weekend with my friends and give that money to someone who really needs it. Sure I can keep on giving out money to the homeless but most of the population isn’t doing anything about it. We don’t choose to help them instead we just watch and that needs to change. Change comes with someone making an example and showing the world how it can be solved but for that we need power, power that you have. We chose to give you power over us but now you have to use it wisely and help your country be a better place.

I know that there’s a lot of issues that are more important but the thing is that this has been going on since forever and it’s only increasing overtime. If we do something now then maybe we can at least get the percentage of homeless people down, i know that we will never solve this problem but at least i’ll be less people that would be suffering. Some benefits of this would be the economy would be better since more people will contribute to it but for that we need to give them a change not just give them money. I’m sure none of them want to be homeless until they die, they want to change their life around but they just can’t because they’re don’t get a chance to do it. We shut down doors for them instead of opening them,give them a chance and I bet they’ll take it. You never know where life might take you wouldn’t you want someone helping you in your time of need? I know I do. Don’t wait too long to make a difference because the longer we wait the worse i’ll become.



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