Dear President Of The United States,


Congratulations on winning the presidential elections! I know that you are a very very busy person but there are some things that concern me about this nation you recently took control over. There are currently tons of movements for equal rights. Now, I’m sure we both know that the fight for equality in this nation has probably been one of the longest standing issues that we have not really given the amount of attention it deserves. It’s a shame that we say we are all “united and indivisible” but when we look outside the window we see hate crimes and segregation. We are all the same on the inside and the fact that we still have to fight for equality is really mind boggling. The LGBTQ+ community is probably one of the biggest groups facing inequality in our day and age and it’s sad to think that people are getting judged because of who they decide to fall in love with.


Not only that but there is also a huge immigration issue. Why should we halt those who want to make a better living for their families from being able to do just that? The United States was built on immigration and labor, and I’m positive that if most people were to check their ancestry they’d find that their own ancestors were immigrants evading famine, war, destruction, political misrepresentation, and freedom of religion. If one day the US decided to deport all illegal persons it would take $18 billion of taxpayer dollars just to prevent immigrants from making a better future for themselves and maybe even have the ability to better the nation. It is inhumane to stop someone from reaching their dreams, President.


Another huge issue is tuition. I know you probably have heard everything there is to hear about tuition but it’s a problem. America is one of the leading powers in the world and we pride ourselves with being the brightest and greatest. We say that we’re advanced and ahead of our time yet we still have to pay for something as simple as education. It’s insane! Not only that, but as soon as we’re done receiving that education most of the people who graduate are already thousands of dollars in debt. For 2016, this year, the average cost of student loan debt is $37,172 which goes up by 4-6% in interest. That is a 6% increase from what it was last year. So not only are we already in debt at the beginning of our adult lives, but we stay in debt for years to come because of high interests rates and low job opportunities. This puts us at a huge disadvantage against those with a wealthy background or with connections.


There is one more issue I am going to be discussing with you. The youth vote is declining and it is an issue that will only get worse if it is not dealt with and given the . The youth vote could be the biggest in the nation yet only a fraction of youth actually vote. This surely makes the youth underrepresented when they should be the most represented. We live through the changes that are made to the nation. It mainly affects us as a whole yet we are not represented because we don’t vote. The reason why we don’t vote is because we feel as if it doesn’t matter. They tell us that it’s just one vote and discourage us. We are also terribly ill-informed about political issues and the voting process. If schools taught us more about the process and helped us register to vote, the youth vote would rise which would pave the way for the future of the nation.

That is always the utmost importance.


I know that being the POTUS means you have the potential power to change this nation and that it also comes with limitless responsibilities that need to be taken care of. I’m asking that you consider these topics that I chose to discuss with you in this letter. Even slight reforms would have major changes for the better and would eventually satisfy the populace. It also has the possibility of helping you reprise your presidential role in the 2020 election.



Andrew C. Anyakora


CC BY-SA 4.0 Unresolved Issues Concerning the Nation by Andrew is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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