Dear President,

I am a student who comes from a low income family so when it came down to thinking about college the first thing that came to my head was how expensive the cost of tuition was going to be. At the moment my family and I are dealing with my mother’s sickness which comes with a handful of visits to the hospital and as we all know, hospitals are extremely expensive. As I was thinking how it would be if I came to college, I knew it would be hard on my father having to pay for my mother’s hospital bills and treatments as well as my college tuition. I had to honestly question myself if college should even be in my future plans because I realized my parents and I could not afford it and there was no doubt in that.

I knew being in debt was something that was bound to happen and when I think about it, money is what holds many of us low income families back. Attending college is something students should not be hesitant about, college should be a place for everyone. I believe everyone should have the chance to go to college and get an education without money being an obstacle. In addition to this, financial issues are often the central to why students begin to put aside the thought of going to college before they even start college, or even after their first semester.

As much as we want to say that us students do not get divided based on how much money our family income is, the sad truth is we do. For example, Public and private schools. Public schools do not charge tuition fees, while private schools do, giving us low income students no choice but to attend a public school. Fifty-one percent of low income students attend public schools where there are teachers who are less experienced, have outdated textbooks, less advanced classes, and less graduates. Public schools do not hold high standards for their students leading them to only being workers or a low level manager while private schools have high standards and point their students to the right direction as being CEOs, innovators, high level businessmen.. Etc. This division between education is only making the upward mobility more and more difficult because of the lack of of access to certain education.

I hate to say how one of my cousin who had the grades to get accepted into a private school had to turn it down only because she was not going to have the money to pay for it. Getting into a Private school is a great opportunity and opens many doors but it is sad to think that only because she didn’t have the money she had to turn it down. This is not uncommon. The reason for this letter is not to make you feel bad for us low income students but to ask you to help us out. Give us a hand.

We all deserve the best and we should be able to have the same opportunities and resources as a student who has money. But I just want you to think about it and hope that you hear me out, money does not define who we are or how smart we are or how far in life we can get, so why is it that we have to be categorized and put down based on our income?

Let’s be honest. We are not all being treated equally and what about those who are trying to reach towards the american dream (“The ideal that every US citizen should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination, and initiative.”) but can’t because they don’t have the same opportunities as others? This is just something to think about, and I hope you can fix this. Thank you for your time.

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