Dear Future President,


My name is Jeremiah Khem, and I have been thinking about an issue lately that I think will soon cause a huge concern for people. This law of selling guns without having background checks is an ideal of causing problems in our country. The reason I feel this is an issue, is because to me, we show a lack of common sense to actually not even considering this in the earlier years. People who show they need to buy a gun for protection and doesn’t show much of a hurting person, will actually give you a clue on their records. Everybody wouldn’t be able to buy guns if this rule would be enforced, that’s a fact. There are also plenty of chances that someone with a clean background can be not what you expected, but we know that we will be preventing more attacks and shootings. While the ones with a list of criminal actions in the past attempt to purchase a gun, there should be more of an awareness on that person. For example, maybe even limit the amount of ammunition they buy, or the type of guns they can buy.  What I may suggest to you, is to keep those rules to yes, anybody (meeting the requirements) can purchase a gun, but take action on passing that law.What I see is that, with all the media putting on display of mass shootings and horrific events, why still let anyone who just knows how to shoot a gun, buy a gun? Our government has so much power, that we sometimes forget what rules we made and why we made them. If some laws were to be looked at and reviewed over again, there’s a pretty good chance that not all will remain the same without a little adjustment or ban it period .”prohibited purchasers are less likely to try to buy guns when they know comprehensive background check requirements are in place”, was said from csvg.org and explains how the world will now be more aware of the limitations now. So I respectfully ask you to please take a look at this issue and reconsidering your decision for the rule. If we don’t do anything at all, there will be a big risk of more people slowly coming towards in taking a position against this. Once again, thank you for your time for taking a look at this letter and hope you take this into consideration.

Sincerely, Jeremiah Khem


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  1. MIguel 3 years ago

    Dear Jeremiah khem,
    I am thrilled by your post “The Procedure On Gun Control” because I agree with your talking about on they should make background checks on when buying a gun. I also agree on that on making it harder to buy a gun, so the wrong person won’t buy one. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is “This law of selling guns without having background checks is an ideal of causing problems in our country” I think this is great because there was people who bought guns in a store without a background check and killed people in our country. Another sentence that I enjoyed was “Everybody wouldn’t be able to buy guns if this rule would be enforced, that’s a fact.” This stood out for me because most of these people wouldn’t have no guns. I do deeply agree with you that It would be hard if there would be background checks to buy a gun, another reason I agree with you is the government doesn’t really pay attention to laws no more.Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because this post was great to read. I also think this post was important in our country.

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