June 22, 2016


Dear Future President ,

As a 18 year old college female student I will be facing  many challenges. Many of them would be challenges I would be able to face them on my own or with the help of my peers and family, but others I would not be able to face if the government doesn’t step up their game. The fact that I mention that I was a college freshman is because this would be my first year at a 4 year institution, and would also be 1st generation of my family that would be attending college. This is something huge for my family and paying for college is something I am very worried  about. My family and I do not wish to take out student loans because we know that students loans can take a very long time and the interest rates are or become very high. A solution that we can have in this is that we can increase the taxes for  the  high income people in order for our interest rates to be low or even contribute to funding tuition. This will help many people that want to go to college but don’t have enough money to pay it.

Another problem that I would be facing once I get my college education, would be the lack of gender and racial workplace diversity. Something that is observed when it comes to certain jobs, like for example a business job men would usually get it. Not just any men but white men mostly, in the workforce there is a drastic lack of diversity. Another example is when women would not get hired for a position that are run by men. This affects me in every way because the field that I am aspiring to pursue  is male dominated. So it will give me a lower chance of obtaining a job of my choice. This is an issue that needs to be addressed because there is many women that don’t get positions just because they’re women. California is a very diverse state and for things like this to happened is very saddening. Everyone knows that it is better to have many different points of views from someone that is white, African American, Mexicans and others. That is why we have done so much because we work better when all great ideas come out from all types of people from different backgrounds. This is something that everyone should acknowledge because they might be the next affected on the type of job they get after working extremely hard throughout college.

The final issue that is of concern is equal pay. Equal pay is something that many people talk continuously about. Something that get many people upset because it is unfair. There are two people working the same position, shift , degree and do the job in the same quality but one gets paid less the other. Why you may ask, because they are of different genders. Women have come a very long way into having a voice and a vote, just so that they won’t get paid the same as a male. This matters because we are doing the same thing as the male getting paid less than them just because we aren’t identical. This isn’t how we should decide how we treat or paid the person that is working for us, they deserve a chance and equality. We should enforce a law to larger companies  and let everyone that there shouldn’t be something like this because it is really unfair to women that sometimes do their job better to men.We all want to live in an equal world  but yet no one is making these things aware.

I wanted to thank you for reading some of the issues that I have. Thank you for you time. I just want the world to be a bit more better for the next generation, because that is what America is about. Change.




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  1. Maria 3 years ago

    yassss! you did great (:

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