Dear Mr. President,

There are many things that could be or should be change when you are in your seat. For instance, thousands students wanted to go to different countries and wanted to experience different environment and make changes to our country, but the tuition they will receive or have, it may not cover their needs because the trip are too expensive so many decided to drop out. It is a fact that the school will provided helps and some free tuition like scholarships and etc., but not many applicants will receive them.  

First of all, I heard that the studying abroad programs will help students with college classes abroad. They will also help students with the plane tickets, however personal needs and food will have to be used by students’ personal money. About dorms or housing, I do not know much about it. Though, I believe students should be provided with a eight hundred dollars check so that they can help themselves. It is their responsibility to use the money wisely or not. If they are able to use the money that will be provided for them wisely, they will be able to survive for a whole semester. They can use it to buy food, books, and class materials. What they can do to get it? I believe attending workshops or assigned to do community service or more should be great enough for them to deserve the eight hundred dollars.

This is a matter, not only to me but also to those who may not drop out of the program because they cannot support themselves. They need that amount of money to support themselves. On the other hand, I been to a trio program during the summer and knew some people who can’t go study abroad. They said they didn’t go because they have loans that they still have to pay. Some said that they can’t go because they did not get the free money that will help support them.

I personally do plan to go study abroad and get experiences from different countries. I knew that it’s not mandatory for me to go abroad but knowing that it can be a benefit for me and my country in a way, why not go or give it a try.


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