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Kim Jaxon


Dear president ,

Good days my name is eduardo, I am currently an incoming freshmen at csu,chico and I would like to discuss some issues I fear to confront in the further future. You may be aware of how terrifying it is to live in debt. This debt becomes a burden to many american, I am not speaking on personal debts either. I am speaking on only educational debt, educational debt is the amount of money you owe after graduating from the college you attend because of student loans. Higher education is not free, although we receive government help and grants there is still unmet needs. Those unmet needs are met by taking out student loans an average college yearly tuition is 8,000$, rooming prices range from 9,000-12,000$ a year. Your overall expense to attend a college comes out to almost 20,000$ a year, . Coming from a low income household I do not have much financial support from my family therefore i am forced to take out student loans and a job doing work studies. I am sure you are aware that 43.3 million americans live in educational debt. What I as a student at csu chico am asking is for you to look into reducing if not eliminating the price of higher education, we come to college to further our education so more doors can open for us. Many choose not to continue with their education because they are aware of the amount of debt they will owe, I strongly believe that with the price on higher education being reduced more people will be motivated to attend. We should not be in a deep hole with debt just because we decide to go to college, we are doing what we are told is the “next step” after our traditional k-12 education. By reducing the cost of attendance and increasing the number of student attendance this will improve the number of educated people in our society qualifying them for jobs you can get with a college degree. As of october 2012, the average student loan debt of class of 2011 was 26,600$ . In 2012, the percentage of students who graduated with student loan debt from four-year colleges reached 71%, this shows that almost three quarters of all graduates came out of college with a debt of an average of 26,600$. In the past few decades the amount of student loans has risen, i believe that the boarding and tuition price has a lot to do with that. In the past years tuition has also risen dramatically,in 1996 tuition for a four year university was 10,552$ a year, including boarding and books (collegeboard.org). 20 years later that price increased to 19,548 a year. In 20 years the price of tuition and boarding has nearly doubled and we ask why? It seems as if this is just another way of society holding down low income communities, they rise the prices to make it harder for us low income students to succeed.


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