Dear President

As part of the many thousands of millennials and representing their position I, Cindy , am writing to you a letter addressing our concerns on student loans. Student loans issues has been addressed before by other presidential candidates and politicians in 2016 such as debt-free public education, free community college, and one hundred percent tuition-free for everybody however, despite being addressed nothing has changed and in fact, student loans has increased over time. In the 2016 statistics, Americans owes roughly 1.3 trillion in student loan debt and dispersing that amount out among 43 million borrowers. In 2012, a more shocking fact is that seventy-one percent of the graduating class from a four year college has student loans. From 2008 to 2012 1.1 million college student who graduated with student loans increased to 1.3 million. Sixty-six percent of college graduates from public colleges had loans, seventy-five percent from private nonprofit colleges and eighty-eight of graduates from for-profit colleges.


From a student aid expert, Mark Kantrowitz, his study shows that an increasing fraction of college graduates in America are leaving school with the label “excessive student loan debt”. In other words, many students are leaving with debts so large they won’t be able to make monthly payment. Using the approach of looking at graduates’ debt balance compared to their initial incomes after school, Kantrowitz found that the fraction of students graduating with excessive debt has grown constantly for decades from 6.5 percent in 1985 to 14.4 percent in 2007. One of Kantrowitz report found that college graduates who borrowed took an average of around thirty five thousands dollar in 2014, up from around twenty thousand in 2004 and eleven thousand in 1994. This pattern should suggest to us all that we need an absolute policy reform to address rising college costs that are consuming young Americans’ future incomes.


College graduates from 2015 are leaving school as the most indebted class ever. The average amount that each student will be paying back is more than thirty-five thousands dollars and at the same time more students are taking out more loans to finance for secondary education. Before 2015 it was 2014 that had the most debt and eventually it could be 2016 next and finally when 2020 comes my class will be the class graduating with the most debt ever. This is an ongoing process that does not cease to stop at all. Most students are low-income students that have parents that can’t financially support them.


I come from a low-income family, where I can not rely on my parents for financial support in college. Rather it is more like I have to financially support them. I have financial aid, I have grants, and I have scholarships, but it is not enough. I am still 6,000 dollars short. I plan to work part time during my freshmen year and the summer before school starts to start saving up. I am thinking about taking out a 3,500 dollar loan for emergency since my parents can’t help me with my tuition. Only my father works and sometimes he doesn’t make enough to meet days end. My father has debt he owes and if you apply this to a student who has student loans not only do they have to work to pay off student loans but they have to work to pay off other loans and debts. From the first time that I heard about student loans to now, every single person who has told me how much they owe the number was always higher each time. My friend who is about to start college has already taken out over 10,000 worth of student loans and to her it felt like the end of the world. She’s already stressing, crying, and saying that after she finishes college she’ll work right away to pay off her student loans. This showed me a very clear outcome of most people, a person go through high school and college to get the most potential education she can get to just be in debt, and that is just sad to see because a person worked so hard to be something to do something great and it just goes down the drain so easily. My sister has student loans debts but she has not found a job where she can put her education to use. She works at a fast food restaurant and failed her test about three times. It’s a test to show that she qualifies to become a teacher that she got the potential and knowledge. I know she is not better than others but she went to school and got an education because she can and she did. That test is her ticket out but she can’t pass it and her student loans are going up by the minute.


I am scared of student loans even though my advisor told me countless times that it is not scary, it is. The very thing I will think about when I graduate is how much loans I have accumulated over my four years because it will come at me like dart constantly. I can move forward, yes I can, but it will chase me down until I give in to it. There are men and women who postpone, their dreams, goals, marriage, and life, because of student loans. Some people are not as strong as others and dropping out becomes an option or ending one’s’ life will do it. So listen to my voice that voices the voice of others, there are people out there who are not the same as the ones you see on television and those people are college graduates, college dropouts, and the thousands of millennials who had big dreams. A bill will do it, a law, the signature of the president, they will all do it. So help us, the youth of America, to prosper. I don’t know how to find a solution to benefit all of us but you are elected President for a reason, to do just that for us.





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  1. Maggie 3 years ago

    Very important and definitely a necessary topic of discussion right now. After the elections play out, what would be the best possible debt scenario America could place itself in do you think?

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