Dear Future President,

Education is an aspect that allows an individual to reach his goals. Not only does it allows an individual person to become a successful member of society, it also makes our nation, communities, and societies more productive as well. Knowledge is the definition of real power. If a country manages to obtain a perfect education, not only does it obtain true power, it also exceeds in development, allowing the country to excel forward at high rates.

Education should be a top priority in our country. The matter of concern is the student loans for college students and students acquiring their graduate level education. High interest rates cause many students to turn their back from education once they reach higher level education, also student debt stunts their progress. Being a first generation college student I face many of these hardships; however, all I see after bachelors is debt and student loans for med school. This issue makes me debate whether I should pursue my goals of becoming a pharmacist. So the question that arises is, what kind of education system is this where a student debates over pursuing their educational life long goals, or giving up on their dreams due to debt? Why should a student such as myself change their passion for a career they have worked hard for their whole life due to fear of debt?

Our generation of students have potential, but are not able to maximize this potential due to these complications. These complications could be averted if only some attention is given to the educational sector, more funding and lower interests rates for loans. This will have a tremendous positive effect on many educational factors. Many students will be able to achieve their goals of getting a degree and choosing the profession they want to pursue, without any concern of debts. And with that degree, the youth will be able to direct the country towards progress.

I hope this message finds you well Mr./Mrs. President, I urge you to reconsider the current trajectory of education in America. Thank you for your time.


Mohammad R Khan




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