Student Debt


Dear future president,

An issue I’d like to address is the amount of student debt. Handfuls of college graduates end up having large debt they need to pay off, this is something that nobody should have to deal with. For example, my mother is still paying off her student loans to this day, after many years since graduating. I hope that I and many of the others of this generation won’t have to deal with this issue because we all would like to be able to be a homeowner or purchase a car straight out of college. Yes, it is very possible to be able to do these things while paying off student loans, but, it would be much easier without worrying about an extra payment you have to make.


A possible way to help solve this issue is the cost of tuition. Tuition is going up and this is making more students go into debt. If the cost of tuition were to decrease it would definitely help the problem. Also, another idea is to promote more subsidized loans for students. With a subsidized loan, students while in school will only have to pay the amount they borrowed without any interest rates. The government would help pay for that. A big factor in student debt is interest rates because they can be high. The amount of money that was borrowed can increase rapidly because of interest rates. Limits or caps to loans would also help out the situation. This way, students won’t be taking out huge loans that will build up after they graduate. For example, if a student were to budget how much money they can take out in a loan it would help them in the long run.

Overall budgeting is very important for an undergraduate who wants to be smart with their money. Besides little things like budgeting that the student can do to help prevent major debt, the government can act as well to further help the issue. I believe that if all these solutions are done, the amount of people in debt would go down tremendously. If the people who still managed to have some sort of debt will not have a lot because of strategies they used to be on top of their loans. This issue matters me to a lot because I have seen this happen from my perspective and I am aware that most students deal with debt. Personally, I want to be able to graduate & either have no debt at all or a small amount that would not follow me for years of my life, interfering with what I have to spend my money on.

-Julian Cortez


 I learned that writing in college requires a lot of critical thinking and brainstorming. I have learned that most of the teens from 18-21 do not participate in the elections. I am most excited about meeting new people.


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