June 24, 2016

Dear President,

In this time of age, this country’s security has advanced and yet does the word “Security” mean that everyone is secure? Privacy is an issue to almost anyone living in the United States. These issues may vary from Social Security, Social Media, Identity theft, Border lines, Scams and intensifying problems for other issues such as Immigration, Homelessness, Food Safety, etc.. Does being secure mean providing protection from danger or harm just like how it was defined from the Merriam Webster dictionary? Or does it mean to fix and improve the issues that complicates every citizen’s lives for the country to advance?


Throughout the growth of the United States, people love to help one another. Security was an issue mainly against from the foreign, however now it is both foreign and native. This growth continues to grow without many recognizing it; politically, economically, and socially. One great example of this is identity theft. During the past 6 years, statistics stated that identity thieves have stolen $112 billion. Although technology is one of the most advanced, people are being robbed unknowingly which later affects their economic lives that can lead to homelessness or other issues.


Mainly politically and socially, Immigration is a controversial topic. This concerns the security of the US. Not because they are illegal citizens, but because the citizens of the US is illegally treating them as a disease. The United States was born from immigration and now it wants to remove the immigrated. The security to protect these people should be known. In the Declaration of Independence, it states that every human has certain unalienable rights which are those to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”. This concept should be brought upon again to recognize the meaning of one’s way of life. If these people don’t receive the security of the US, then how can the US state itself as the country of an “American Dream”.


Security is more than just protecting, it adjust itself for the better. It doesn’t prevent the issues from tipping itself off from the path of what was created by the citizen’s purpose. Therefore, secure the path of the American Dream. Giving people the opportunity to live with freedom to be who they are.



Anonymous Student


CC BY-SA 4.0 Secure America or Seeking cure for America by Michael is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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