June 27th, 2016

Dear Future President of the United States,

My name is Eddie Moore. I am making a huge transition from being a high school senior at Coliseum College Prep Academy (CCPA), to being a college freshman at Chico State. However, during my time in CCPA I was aware that my school didn’t have a lot of resources and government funding. CCPA is a small school that has a vision for each and every one of their students to graduate, to go to college, and to be successful in college. Not having enough government funding limited CCPA to their max potential, but my school was still able to manage and strive. CCPA has a high graduation rate and over  93% of the class of 2016 graduated. This number continues to improve, however, CCPA is not the only school that is outstanding. Nearly all of our schools need additional funding to not only obtain more resources, but to support future generations with a stronger educational system/experience.

Schools that are not well funded tend to cause students to possibly drop out, or think of school differently. If a school is not well funded, then the teachers would not get their deserved pay nor will the teachers have enough resources to teach their material to the students. This can cause students to be unprepared for the next level which can lead to students dropping out of school, and/or lead to students to make the education process longer due to the lack of knowledge. I believe that with additional funding to schools, it would not only help teachers teach the students better, but it would provide more funding for school compliments such as lunch, or clubs, or sports, or field trips/school events. Thus, better quality in lunch, better support, space and resources for clubs, better equipment for sports, and more support for school events/field trips. All of these are important to a student’s education process and the only way these aspects can improve is with money. Some school’s need renovations and some schools need more resources like books. Everyone’s education is valuable and everyone deserves to be able to consume knowledge  through good resources. I believe that money has direct power and schools need more power. The government rather give more power to prisons than to schools. According to a CNN infographic, one can see that throughout the states there is more funding for prisons rather than education. In a large state like California, about $7,000 is spent per student, however, nearly $46,000 is spent on an inmate. This is outrageous, I believe that funding for education should be increased and other fundings like prisons, should be decreased in funding. A child’s education is more important than an inmate’s room, or bunk bed, or accessibility to food.

Funding for schools has a lot of positive student outcomes that are beneficial to both the student and school. Explained by the Albert Shanker Institute, school resources that cost money, including smaller class sizes, additional support, early childhood programs, and more competitive teacher compensation are positively associated with student outcomes. Funding on education is very important, it is looked to as the key to shape the future world. We need to support the upcoming generations to the best of our ability because they play a large role in humanity, keeping our ideas alive and creating new ones. Instead of giving additional support by the government, there has actually been cuts. According to a collective of bloggers for CC & PP (Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, at least 31 states provided less state funding per student in the 2014 school year than in the 2008 school year. This means that over half of the United States cut back on funding for education and more funding for education is not only wanted, but deeply needed.



Eddie Moore





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