Dear President,


There are many issues in the United States that should be addressed and the topic I feel should be further addressed is health care. Health care has been addressed in some ways, such as passing the ACA, but there are still many issues that need to be fixed. Purchasing health insurance is not easy. In fact many people struggle to find a health insurance that they qualify for, this process can become very stressful. There are people who lack health care for this reason.


My family and I did not have health insurance because we didn’t qualify for any and it was a problem. I was not able to go to the doctor or a dentist on a regular basis like everyone else because the costs were expensive. Whenever I felt sick I tried to get better so my parents wouldn’t have to spend money out of their pocket to take me to the doctor.I have also witnessed cases where people don’t feel well but can’t go get checked by a doctor because they don’t have health insurance. For example my parents, it is hard to hear them complain about how something aches, but it is because they were not able to attend the doctor on a regular basis. I believe that this is an issue that should be readdressed because everyone should be able to attend their health and not worry about the costs.


The costs of treating our health are expensive. Those who have health insurance get covered about sixty to ninety percent while those who don’t have insurance have to pay for it.Why is this a problem? Those who don’t have health care can fall into debt or bankruptcy. When it comes down to an emergency and you don’t have health care; you have no other choice than to reach to a doctor. But how can we when we know we’ll have a debt we owe after. Even if you do have health insurance there are still people who can’t afford the percentage of their bill that they have to pay. Yes something was done about health insurance. But were those who are of low income and have families taken into consideration and their expenses? I certainly don’t think so.  We shouldn’t feel hesitant to treat our health, we should feel free to go get check ups often. Health care should be provided to everybody.

Sincerely, Evelyn



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