Dear Mr. or Mrs. Future President,

As you come into office, you are entering as a new hope in the hearts of the citizens of America. America is a great country, filled with great opportunities for many people, however there are a few large setbacks. One of America’s biggest flaw is racism. If everyone is “equal”, why does someone’s race, religion, ethnicity, and color change how they should be treated in society? Racism has been a very important issue to me and has affected me tremendously growing up. I can personally relate to all those that have been a victim of racism because I, too, have been in their place. The minds of the people are so belittle that they characterize an entire group based on an individual’s actions. Labels get thrown on rather quickly, not by knowledge but by ignorance. Muslim or not, all Indians get discriminated against, and to me, that is definitely ignorance. I am not a Muslim, but I strongly believe that classifying all Muslims as terrorists is ignorance. The entire Muslim population is hated on due to the actions of a group of people, the small group does not represent the vast culture and its people as a whole. However, if a white was to make a violent or inappropriate act, they are classified as “psychotic” or simply “have a mental illness”.That is white privilege. It is sad to think that something such white privilege exists in a country so diverse. America would not be so “great” without the diversity and various cultures people offer. As the leader of our country, it is your responsibility to make sure the citizens of this country are treated with the equality and respect they deserve. They have every right to be here, and it is your job to make sure they aren’t disrespected for it. I am writing with the hope that you will find a solution to this grave problem and the minority groups will not be looked down upon. Please take this seriously and be the leader that you promised to be to and make a change.


Navdeep Gill


CC BY-SA 4.0 Navdeep Gill (Racism) by Navdeep is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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