Dear Future President,

Racism is a growing epidemic in the United States. It is an issue that is growing more significant as the days go on. Racism is a problem that is preventing us as a nation to be unified, it is causing our nation to be divided due to differences between people. These differences are all related to their beliefs, race, gender, and etc.

I have experienced this racism on a first hand basis. Being a muslim coming from out of country a week after 9/11, my family experienced some of the harshest racism. As a young kid I always thought that “the world was filled with butterflies and rainbows and that everyone loved everyone,” but this fantasy I lived in quickly came to an end after my family moved to America, “the land of opportunity.” There was a time when I was young and my father took us to the park, one of the elder kids attacked, cursed, and pulled my elder sister’s hair just for being Muslim. I was young, and all this didn’t make sense to me, my sister was always one of the sweetest people I knew, she had nothing to do with what had happened to the country. So why attack her? What did she have to do with anything? Racism really affected me greatly as a young kid it made me hate the very life I was blessed with. My father had brought us from Paris hoping to make our dreams possible giving up everything he ever worked for, and for what to be hated on for something we had no control over?

Over time it only got worse, the attacks began occurring more frequently and more and more fingers were being pointed at innocent people that had no control over anything that was happening. This affected me dramatically, because it took away my childhood from me and forced me to have to grow up rather quickly. It turned me into an angry young kid because of the fact that everything was happening so fast and I couldn’t do anything about it. People targeted my beliefs, morals, culture, and my people. This all came down to me being a Muslim. Just because I’m a Muslim doesn’t make me a terrorist. But that didn’t seem to make sense to anyone else that wasn’t Muslim at the time. As I grew older, I learned to not care of what others thought and eventually it no longer phased me. However, even today we still see racism and not only towards Muslims, but also towards my fellow African Americans, Hispanics and the rest of the minorities. We need a change.



Muhammad Mudassar  




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