Dear Mr. President,  

            Hello, my name is Autumn Contreras and I’m going to be an incoming freshman here at CSU Chico.  Today in our society, LGBT discrimination is a major issue. It has finally become legal for all LGBT people to get married in the United States. I categorize myself in the LGBT even though we shouldn’t have labels for anything or anyone. While growing up, I have been bullied for being a lesbian. Everywhere I have been in my life, I have been judged and looked down on because according to some human beings in this world, who I love can only be man. When you like the same sex as you, or wanting to be the true you is wrong and shouldn’t be allowed. For Example, I had recently just came out to all my friends and family. What I’m trying to say now, I don’t see the other half of my family because they disowned me for just trying to be happy about being the true person I am and not having to hide who I love. I just want to be myself and actually be defined as normal.

   Recently a mass shooting happened at a gay club, in orlando florida which killed 50 people who label themselves in the lgbt community.  It was like half the world cared and the other half was so happy. They said that we need to get rid of gays and be normal world. How is the world not normal? People see us as evil. They judge, hurt and tear us right down. How are we the evil ones? Not too long ago, in some states they were banning LGBT from getting married or even using the bathroom that transgender people wanted to use because they felt safer using the one of their birth sex.

       I do have to admit that our generation has gotten better with fully accepting the LGBT community than back in the 1900’s. It was life or death if you were out back then. I just think we have gotten so close to fully and truly stop hate for the LGBT community, but the past keeps grabbing the society and making us want to close the door. We fought for our rights for so long. It tears me up inside knowing how long the LGBT have been fighting. Don’t you want our world peaceful? No more hating and no more of the normal love. I know having a society who accepts everything and every one is the world’s missing puzzle piece. This topic is something very important to me, that you and the world needs to know.

  1. Surako 4 years ago

    Dear Autumn :
    I am amazed by your post about “LGBTQ Rights”.Because coming out to the world about your sexuality is a fearful situation when acceptance is not always assured.
    One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is “ I categorize myself in the LGBT even though we shouldn’t have labels for anything or anyone”.
    Another sentence that I agree with was: “ I do have to admit that our generation has gotten better with fully accepting the LGBT community than back in the 1900’s”. This stood out to me because I also agree that our growing generation are finding themselves to be more accepting and it’s a great comfort to know that the world will grow not to judge but to learn and understand.

    Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because the way you explained how you felt about the situation and gave the readers details makes me eager to anticipate your next reading.

  2. Cecilia 4 years ago

    Well for starters I really enjoyed reading your writing, and I totally agree with everything you wrote about. I too this year came out to every body, my friend, family, and school. However I am bi not lesbian and my coming out probably was not as hard as yours was. I have had a lot of people come up to me and ask me about it and most people are really accepting but of course there are always those few people who try to bring me down and judge me for being me. I mean yeah its hard having to talk about this with people especially family because its such a sensitive and new topic to people. Im really glad I read your article because it really helped me realize that what I have at the moment isnt so bad and all the negative people in my life right now trying to bring me down will eventually well leave me alone about it and realize that its not such a big deal. 🙂

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