June 27,2016

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Dear Future President ,


I am writing this letter to inform you how important it is to have equal rights for everyone. Starting from immigrants who come from one state to another to the U.S to pursue the “American Dream”.I’m aware that I am an undocumented student who is now a soon to be college student at CSU Chico to continue with my education successfully. As an undocumented student I personally know that  students don’t receive lot of financial aid or federal money from the government . Therefore college is very expensive and outrageous and of course coming from a low income family who does not make lot of money  makes it that much harder. For example, luckily I only received enough  financial aid to cover for my tuition and fee’s but not enough to live on campus as I wished. In order for me to stay away from student loans or not even take out any I will have to work part time jobs in order to pay my rent  bills and my food. My parents don’t make enough money, my mom is a housekeeper and sometimes only works 3 days a week and my dad even has to work on the weekends in order to  make sure he’s able to help me with school because he knows I deserve a good education that they weren’t able to have.


Early this year of 2016 the  “ Dream Loan “ was introduced to me but I was  not sure if any dreamer student like me was able to access to it just yet . According to the article “California Dream Loan Program “ by Emil  Guillermo  “ 3,000 students will have  access to the loan program “.This prove how not lot of students receive this loan because they don’t qualify or don’t  have the requirements to have access to it . Despite that I am trying to avoid any of loans I’m hoping to borrow some money if I am able to access to this loan and pay it back with much support needed from my family and myself.  Society tends to put lot of barriers towards undocumented students such as in the article “ Removing  Barriers to Higher education” statedMany undocumented students are denied in-state tuition rates and have to pay higher rates to attend the public college or university in their home state. These exclusions leave undocumented students unable to pay for a postsecondary education.” Illegals students go to our schools free and get degrees they can’t use’’.

I strongly disagree with this statement because students actually should be able to pay the same amount as everyone esle and not raise up their tution just because they’re undocumented . I  also believe that the system should be more understanding that just because this isn’t our country of birth doesn’t mean we  should have to have less opportunities and resources in order to pay off college for being  undocumented.
Despite that I won’t be able to vote I am a strong believer for Bernie Sanders for president for the year 2016 because he isn’t against an Hispanic/Latino and wants free college tuition and debt free, creating decent paying jobs and most importantly he’ll create better programs for undocumented students besides the Dream Act in order for every student in the United States to get the education and beat Donald Trump who will just continue to make America worse and is a racist man!






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