June 24, 2016

Dear Future President,


As a young girl growing up in Inglewood, CA I see lots of negativity and am very concerned about what’s going on, not only in my community but also in other predominantly black cities or towns such as mine. As we take a journey to grocery stores, malls, and just going about your average day in general we see officers patrolling our streets to try and keep us safe. But do they? Police officers wear and go by a little quote saying, “Protect and Serve” as a symbol of comfort for the citizens as well as fear for the criminals. We as a people, and you as a President, look at the cops as a way to feel protected and a save haven for everyday life, but the public question the true intentions of having them around.


As we look at the concept of if the local police protect us and provide safety is put to test in Sanford, FL. On February 26, 2012, a 17- year old african american young male named Trayvon Martin was walking home from a trip to the store and shot by George Zimmerman, captain of neighborhood watch. Zimmerman argued he shot Martin as an act of self defense, but what do we have to go on? Reports show that Trayvon was on the phone walking home on a rainy night. Zimmerman was a hispanic male targeting a african american male assuming he was doing something wrong. As we don’t know what happened in the minutes leading into trayvon’s death, we do know that a witness saying she heard cries for help coming from a male after a gunshot went off. Argued in court is that it was an act of self defense against himself, but it was not, Zimmerman was in the wrong from the time he saw Trayvon. The dispatcher asked Zimmerman was he following Martin and he answered yes. Why do so, if the authorities sole responsibility is to protect, what are you protecting?


In another town happens another incident involving the police and citizens. Another african american young guy dies from an altercation with a police officer. Michael Brown died August 09, 2015 by being shot multiple times by an officer who continues shooting after Michael tries to put his arms up. The part that was very sad is that they left michael in the ground knowing he was dead and didn’t call an ambulance or anything. The police in the cities have been trained to be cruel and programed to kill at any cost. Do I believe the police are here to provide help, yes I certainly do, but not for the community but for us . Jails have a certain percentage of inmates they have to keep imprisoned in order to keep the jail open. So their job are a must so they just find innocent people to kill or imprison just so the government can keep money flowing in. This is going to be an everlasting problem if the community stops settling for what’s being done to them and takes a stand. The impossible is always possible in my opinion and as a nation we need to act as one to bring back the peace in our communities because if we don’t who will?



Mariah Davenport


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