Dear Future President,

My name is Andrea, I am an entering college student at Chico State University and these are topics I demand to be noticed. I have grown to learn about drastic problems in the world that expand daily. Many of these problems aren’t acknowledged by those that impact the world but instead those who aren’t able to speak their minds because of the way this society has been altered. Personally, a problem that has constantly bothered me is police brutality it is a disgust to the American Dream. As a daughter of immigrants I’ve learned to identify the problems of this society that many people don’t take serious. Immigration is a topic that isn’t noticed, many people believe that immigrants bring more trouble to a society than anything else. Personally, my parents were hard workers they struggle everyday trying to make sure my siblings and I are supported.They weren’t able to spend too much time with us as children because of their schedule, they usually were working. An often question I would ask myself was why? Why weren’t they able to spend time with us as children. Moving into my teenage years I was able to understand the difficulties they were going through and it only made me admire my parents more than ever. Knowing they worked so hard for me to make sure I am where I am today, going to college! I believe that immigrants bring a better understanding of hard work and struggle to a community. Many of our parents are immigrants, so we were lucky enough to experience the hardship of living in a country where they seemed to be the problem. As young adults growing up we saw difficulties that made us realize how to handle a situation that many others wouldn’t, why, because of your immigrated parents. They showed us to stand strong and push through these struggles and whatever people had to say. Immigrants aren’t  individuals that sit around they come to this country looking for their dreams and goals just like anyone else, but in fact they do more than that they work jobs that help a community and build relationships that last a lifetime. These two topics are my main concern because of the unnoticed actions, there are facts, statistics that are able to prove how wrong this society works. Living day by day knowing that things like this aren’t getting noticed is a scary way of life.

We expect those who work for the government to protect us. African American and Immigrants receive no respect to their American desires. Every day we go on the news to listen to how a young black man was shot because he was suspicion of something which makes no sense anyone can be suspicion. In fact throughout the last three years over 3,000 African Americans have been killed by those whose job it is to protect and serve us. Statistics reports found that African American people are killed three times the rate of whites and other minorities. “We live in a time and place that dictates that if we can’t prove it with dat, then t did not happen.” This quote caught my attention because it says a lot of truth. In many cases there has to be proof of a crime in order to conduct a punishment which in some cases isn’t fair. For example in July 17, 2014 Eric Garner was approached for being “suspicions” of selling single cigarettes Garner was offended by constantly being harassed about the same thing officers quickly decided to arrest the man refused to, there was not any proof that Eric Garner was doing anything that the police accused him of. Later, Garner was put in a choke hold because of his refusal to be arrested and died because the lost of breathing in the streets of Staten Island New York. There are many more cases that can proof the feel of racism police have towards African American. Every individual has rights to their own life and the way they live it, and those who are expected to allow them to live it. We are in a restriction of what you can and can’t do unconsciously by those that say to live our dreams and that we are equally. During this time in society I believe there is no equality for those who want to change their lives and those who seem to be different. I expect to feel safe and cared for in my community and I feel discouraged and unsafe. There are many individuals that would argue my same statement and that should be enough to realize that these are problems that need to be changed within the next 4 years.




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