Dear Mr./Mme President,


Congratulations! I hope your first few days in the White House are going well for you. I’m writing to you in order to discuss how important immigration reform is for millions of people living in the United States.  

According to the Department of Homeland Security there are an estimated 11.4 million unauthorized immigrants in the United States, Mexican immigrants making up about 49% of those 11. 4 million.  The majority of these people only came to the United States in search of a better life for themselves and their families. For one reason or another the situation in their country prompted them to leave everyone and everything they know in hopes of a better life.

There’s a common thought or stereotype concerning illegal immigrants and that is that they are all criminals and murderers. Although there are people who fall under this stereotype, the majority are honest, hard working people.

We need a better plan than a “great, great wall on our southern border.” Did we not learn anything from Bush’s Secure Fence Act of 2006? The project was expensive and not very effective in stopping illegal immigration. I suggest expanding DACA to all immigrants who qualify and adding on a path to citizenship.

We also need to stop treating undocumented students or dreamers differently than everyone else. We all went through the same public school system and do just as well or better than non dreamers. Most undocumented students were brought here at a very young age and the United States and its culture is all they know. After being here for so long, I consider myself an American because the American way of life is all I know. It’s frustrating not being eligible for federal financial aid and other programs that require you to be a legal US citizen.

I hope you take all of this into consideration and helps prompt you to take action to push for immigration reform. Millions of people will be waiting for your action on the matter for the next four years.


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