Dear President,

College tuition is constantly rising and it only gets higher. In the 1990s, it costed $1,658 to attend a public two-year college; $3,492 to attend a public four-year in-state; and $17,094 to attend a private nonprofit four-year university. In 2007, it costed $2,628 to attend a public two-year college; $7,093 to attend a public four-year in-state; and $26,833 to attend a  private nonprofit four-year university. Today it costs $3,435 to attend a public two-year college; $9,410 to attend a public four-year in-state; and $32,405 to attend a private nonprofit four-year university. College tuition is crippling to many students because it results in huge student loan debts, underemployment, and lack of job preparation.

The cost of college has become an issue for the majority of students that seek higher education. Student loan debt follows many students for the rest of their lives. It prevents them from starting a family and moving out of their parent’s house. They have to sacrifice their freedom to do the things they want to do because they chose to obtain a higher education. It is unfair to many people that college tuition keeps rising causing huge debts. For me, student loan debt will be an issue because I come from a low-income background. After finishing college I will need to help support my family and find a stable job. My debt may cause me to sacrifice my independence and continue living with my parents after college. One of my cousin’s friend who is in her 30’s is still living with her parents because she has such a big student loan debt that she can’t move out. She has not settled down yet because she is still focusing on her career to help support herself and her parents. College tuition should be lowered that those that have worked hard for their education can enjoy freedom without an overwhelming debt.

Underemployment is very common among many graduates. Many don’t get a job or a career in their major. This results in graduates working in part-time jobs or jobs that have little to nothing at all to do with their major. The underemployment rate for college graduates in 2015 was 6.2% overall: 5.2% for white graduates, 8.4% for Hispanic graduates, and 9.7% for black graduates. The small pay from the underemployed individual will most likely not be able to pay the high student loans on time. I fear that I may not get a job related to my major or end up working part time. I have seen many people around me with college degrees working part time jobs or working in jobs with nothing to do with their major. My friend’s sister who majored in Biology at a four-year university is now living out of state learning to become a masseuse. She has a big student loan and she didn’t find any suitable jobs for her here so she moved away. During her time over there she figured out that she preferred to learn a trade while having part time jobs on the side. This shows that despite having a degree and her student loan debt she was not able to find job in her major.

Despite achieving higher education, many graduates do not feel that they are prepared to enter the workforce. They tend to lack understanding in math, reading, civics, and economic skills. Many feel the college doesn’t teach them technical and quantitative reasoning skills. The cost of college tuition is too much compared to its lack of preparedness for the workforce. A family member of mine told me she had trouble transitioning from college to the workforce because she was never taught how to work efficiently in the workforce. Before, she had always had a tight schedule attending classes and studying for tests. She had become ingrained in her schedule as a student. High student loan debts do not necessarily pay for teaching students how to engage in the workforce. It should be lowered because it is not worth the price to pay when job preparedness is not taught.

College tuition is crippling and needs to be lowered. It prevents people from starting a life, underemployment, and lack of job preparedness. The majority of all graduates suffer from huge student loans that causes many drawbacks in their lives. The rising college tuition will affect the following generations and more if nothing is done.


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